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Noun1.Traubel - United States operatic soprano (1903-1972)
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8) In their ambitious ten-volume edition of Whitman's Complete Writings (1902), for example, Whitman's key disciples and literary executors Thomas Harned, Horace Traubel, and Richard Maurice Bucke eschew the merely temporal concerns that must ground any biography: "the mere dates which fix his poems into a calendar are, after all, of slight significance," they argue.
In this he relies heavily on the reminiscences of Horace Traubel, himself a socialist and friend of Whitman.
Whitman, in fact, influenced numerous leftist writers, such as Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Kenneth Patchen, Horace Traubel, Louis Untermeyer, Anzia Yezierska, Eli Siegel, and Mike Gold.
If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires, said Horace Traubel.
He remained on the radio, added television, and even toured once with operatic soprano Helen Traubel.
John Charles Thomas and Kirsten Flagstad and Alexander Kipnis and Helen Traubel, for example, all sing with a perfectly straight face, though Thomas does occasionally add a little staging to a cowboy ditty.
Socialism, John Nichols begins with the story of an aging Walt Whitman and his daily meetings with a young writer named Horace Logo Traubel.
Here's a partial list: Sammy Kaye, Tommy Dorsey, Harry James, the Trapp Family Singers, Gene Krupa, Guy Lombardo, Cab Calloway, Lionel Hampton, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, Lily Pons, Nelson Eddy, Helen Traubel, Marian Anderson, Lauritz Melchior, John McCormack, and dozens of others.
8) Horace Traubel, Whitman's friend and secretary, reports that when he and Whitman read through this letter in Camden, Whitman described Stoddard as follows:
In a conversation with Harold Traubel, in 1888, Walt Whitman remarked that, "I find I often like the photographs better than the oils--they are perhaps mechanical, but they are honest" (1:131).
I have heard nothing but expurgate, expurgate, expurgate, from the day I started," Whitman told Horace Traubel, his longtime friend and secretary.
Traubel, Dreaming Identities: Class, Gender and Generation in 1980s Hollywood Film (Boulder and Oxford: Westview Press, 1992).