n. & v.1.See Trance.
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Say not thou as an olde Pasquill said being in a traunce of that famouse and modest Clarke Erasmus, that I hang hovering in the mid way betwixt heaven and hell.
WayPoint CEO, Dennis Shepherd, states, "With the first round of financing secured and the initial traunce expected within the next two weeks, we are prepared to initiate the process of bringing this revolutionary healthcare technology to the world.
r]] A vision in a traunce of(1) Iohan Neuton Be it had in mynde forever that ther was a man called Iohan Neuton of Congleten, draper and sherman, the yere of our lorde anno Ml CCCC iiijxx xij, beyng vesit with the plage of pestilence; in the which visitatacion he, his wife and [.