Traversing platform

(Mil.) a platform for traversing guns.
- Wilhelm.

See also: Traversing

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The 3D laser measurement heads are mounted on a Kuka industrial robot which in turn mounts on a traversing platform to enable large objects to be measured and extensive data sets to be captured quickly.
Both vertical mast lifts have a traversing platform of 0.
Fiber placement unit for GroFi system : - Provision of a traversing platform 2m * 2.
Modifications include using a mechanical advantage pulley system that lifts wheelchair participants in full body harnesses and allows them to swing across to the landing using a swinging or traversing platform, a rope chat, or using a rope with a rubber stabilizer in the bottom of a loop to hold the loop open and provide for easier foot removal.
The traversing platform can move under a staged load that is assembled on pallets or other load bases.
41m traversing platform, providing increased access and the ability to reach over obstacles.