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n.1.See Treadle.
2.A prostitute; a strumpet.
3.The dung of sheep or hares.
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Just before the train came through the tunnel, it passed over a treddle that sounded a gong.
Another recurring character, Treddle, greets the poem with "Oh fie, barber
Back row) John Lydiatt, Henry Treddle, Brian Stanley, ?
The 26-year-old, from Treddles Lane, West Bromwich, was seen racing against a BMW, driven by a relative, through Selly Oak and Cotteridge, the court heard.
Not for her more modern looms driven by computers, where treddles are orchestrated by IT software.
Lismahago] had arrived at the gate in the twilight, where he heard the sound of treddles in the great hall .
The teenager, of Treddles Lane, West Bromwich, died when his motorcycle ploughed into a car in Dartmouth Street on Friday night.