Tree nymph

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a wood nymph. See Dryad.

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He fell for Apollo's daughter, the tree nymph Eurydice, and they married.
And S7 is completely in iambic pentameter, filmed in black & white, and the antagonist is a schizophrenic tree nymph.
by biologists, also contains collections of rare ands, walks and waterfalls to help pass the But the real draw for buddin case you didn't know) are the wand the decidedly crime fighti[bar] Info: 01970 880928 g lepidopterologists (that's butterfly boffins in wonderfully-named Comet Moth, Tree Nymph ng, super hero-sounding Blue Morpho.
Meander through butterfly-friendly plants, and watch a giant swallowtail, a Hercules moth, or a tree nymph sail before your eyes.
The run, through hills and woodlands, was named 'Dryad' after the tree nymphs from Greek mythology.
As well as giant Atlas Moths, there is an amazing array of these fluttering, colourful creatures from Thailand, Costa Rica, Philippines and Africa, including Blue Morpha, White Tree Nymphs, Swallowtails and Indian Leaf butterflies.
Dances of maidens representing tree nymphs (dryads) were especially common in Artemis' worship as goddess of the tree cult, a role especially popular in the Peloponnese.