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n.1.A fish spear.
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The lawsuit alleges that Dynamic Sports Nutrition and Brian Clapp conducted fraudulent activities and deceived consumers as to the D-ANABOL 25, DECA 200, TREN 75, and Pituitary Growth Hormone products content, quality, characteristics, and/or ingredients, and caused and enabled consumers to purchase Dynamic Sports Nutrition's D-Anabol 25 product instead of Hi-Tech's Dianabol product.
Nevertheless, based upon a recent press report speculating that DG TREN might be considering a change to the definition of "parent carrier" and other evidence, BTC wrote to DG-TREN to express deep concern and to seek clarification.
Edited By: CHRISTOPHER JONES Head of Cabinet, Commissioner Andris Piebalgs Former Director, New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency & Innovation, DG TREN, EC