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Noun1.trend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trendtrend line - a line on a graph indicating a statistical trend
line - a mark that is long relative to its width; "He drew a line on the chart"
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Trend lines are important and informative, but they also have their limits.
Analyzing data and trend lines leads Gross to the conclusion that 10-year yields have been moving downward since the early 1980s, with 30-basis-point declines on average for the past 30 years.
In charting, trend lines are essential in identifying whether a stock is on upward or downward trend.
Benchmarking against their 26 year trend lines, the SA ALSI P:E is currently around 20% over-priced, while the S&P 500 P:E is around 45% under-priced.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to establish mathematical regression trend lines for segmental changes in HR response to increased workload.
Therefore, main NAEP trend lines from the early 1990s can continue at fourth and eighth grades for the 2013 assessment.
Having examined data from Massachusetts, the trend lines for primary care physicians who are older than 55 and those who are newly minted is very telling.
As to cigarillo consumption, specifically, Health Canada only has two years of data and therefore trend lines cannot be reliably discerned as yet.
I make use of trend lines, basic support and resistance as well as price action.
The best-fit trend lines represent most probable price of a given data set for any given size/quantity.
Trend lines (not shown) plotted through both measures confirm the steadiness of the growth rates.