Trendelenburg position

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Tren·de·len·burg po·si·tion

n. posición de Trendelenburg, posición del paciente en la cual la cabeza descansa en un nivel más bajo que el tronco y las extremidades inferiores.
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These strategies include preloading the patient with intravenous fluids, placing patient in the Trendelenburg position and prophylactic use of vasopressors or leg compression devices.
showed that volume guaranteed PCV is better than VCV in patients who underwent surgical cholecystectomy in trendelenburg position regarding lower peak inspiratory pressure and greater dynamic compliance.
At times, it is helpful to cut the falciform ligament near the liver to expose the right side of the diaphragm completely while the patient is in steep reverse Trendelenburg position.
When the presacral region was separated, the patient took Trendelenburg position and with the right higher than the left to expose the right paracolic gap so as to identify the right ureter.
To facilitate this surgery, the patient must be in the steep Trendelenburg position for a long duration.
4] The external jugular vein, which is a landmark for posterior approach could be easily identified by Trendelenburg position.
Epidural anesthesia with the Trendelenburg position for cesarean section with or without a cardiac surgical procedure in patients with severe mitral stenosis: A hemodynamic study.
Horses were then placed in 25[degrees] Trendelenburg position and the four remaining trocars inserted under direct visualization to create the required instrument access, with two trocars (10 and 5mm respectively) positioned 8cm apart on either side of the prepuce.
Patient was placed in Trendelenburg position and was subsequently sent to hyperbaric oxygen chamber for treatment of air embolism.
Once the Pfannenstiel incision was closed, the abdomen was insufflated with carbon dioxide to a pressure of 8 mmHg and the patient was placed in the reverse Trendelenburg position.