n.1.A wheel, spindle, or the like; a trundle.
The shaft the wheel, the wheel, the trendle turns.
- Sylvester.
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They've been convicted without a shred of evidence," said Giles Trendle, Acting Managing Director of Al Jazeera English.
5 Cm X 180 Cm Elevation 70 Cm X 100 Cm Lateral Tilt Each 30 Degree Trendle 90 Degree ,90 Degree Up Burg Each 30 Degree Back Break With Water Proof Cushion Approximate Weight 250 Kg.
Lucy Trendle, Kajaki campaign producer, said: "Through social media, we've been able to find the guys who were there on the day, build and reach out to our audience and promote our crowd funding campaign.
Chng WJ, Santana-Davila R, Van Wier SAI, Ah mann GJ, Jalal SM, Bergsagel PL, Ches MI, Trendle MC, Jacobus S, Blood E, Oken MM, Henderson K, Kyle RA, Gertz MA, Lacy MQ, Dispenzieri A, Greipp PR, Fonseca R: Prognostic factors for hyperdiploid-myeloma: Effects of chromosome 13 deletions and IgH translocations.
According to Trendle (2005) and the ANTA (2003) skills shortages will occur when there are factors that prevent the wage changing to bring supply and demand for the skill into equilibrium.
RADIO saga, comic book, film serial and TV show, The Green Hornet character created by George W Trendle was a multi-media hit long before the term became so widely used.
Picture House, Edinburgh, Dec 30 Buster Bloodvessel (51-year-old Douglas Trendle, from Hackney in London) is the only original member left, and his seven-piece band is comprised of much younger musicians.
1958 Buster Bloodvessel, vocalist with 80s group Bad Manners - born Doug Trendle - is 49 today
Buster - real name Dougie Trendle - whose hits included Lip Up Fatty and Special Brew said: "It's not a pretty sight.
Giles Trendle, "Cyberwars: The Coming Arab E-Jihad," The MiddleEast, No.
The 30-stone '80s star, real name Douglas Trendle, was diagnosed with a strangulated hernia but was told he was "too fat" to survive an urgently- needed operation.
To the north it looks towards the partially contemporary ditched enclosure of Chisenbury Trendle, recently rediscovered by RCHME, and a number of other sites showing now as scatters of late Bronze Age-early Iron Age pottery; this includes at least one other possible midden site in the vicinity of Upavon aerodrome (Grinsell 1957: 69).