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Any of various large sea cucumbers that are dried or smoked for use as an ingredient in soup, especially in China. Also called bêche-de-mer.

[Malay teripang.]


(Animals) any of various large sea cucumbers of tropical Oriental seas, the body walls of which are used as food by the Japanese and Chinese. Also called: bêche-de-mer
[C18: from Malay těripang]



any of various sea cucumbers, as Holothuria edulis, used as food in Asia.
[1775–85; < Malay təripaŋ]
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Noun1.trepang - of warm coasts from Australia to Asiatrepang - of warm coasts from Australia to Asia; used as food especially by Chinese
holothurian, sea cucumber - echinoderm having a flexible sausage-shaped body, tentacles surrounding the mouth and tube feet; free-living mud feeders
genus Holothuria, Holothuria - type genus of the Holothuridae
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According to Crawford, there was not a lot of talk among the Napier Broome Bay Elders about the trepanging era, which nevertheless continued after the last Macassan prau returned from Arnhem Land to Macassar in 1907 and survived in other forms of fishing until the 1970s.
Moreover, trepanging for the Sulu elite was by no means restricted to slaves.
At Howard Island, a place of mythical encounter in eastern Arnhem Land, no trepanging occurred.