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Nicola in show EERIE The replica ship ALL SET Our Nicola ready for the off LACED UP Corset is tightened STYLE Real hair not needed TRESSFUL Nicola's wig STAR Linus as Earl of Manton LUCKY Survivors manage to escape FROCK "Sludge brown" dress
n Fame at last ALL SETJ Our Nicola ready for the off LACED UP J The corset is tightened NEW STYLE J Real hair is not required VERY TRESSFUL J Nicola's massive wig FROCK HORROR J Sludge brown dress
Rhona Flin (25) confirms this process of naturalistic decision-making in her observations of emergency operations chiefs performing under s tressful conditions.
Says Burgetta Wheeler, who voluntarily moved from copy desk chief to a less tressful job as deputy news editor at the News & Observer in Raleigh, North Carolina: "No matter where you are in middle management, you're stuck between two things: the people above you and the people below you.