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 (trə-vĕl′yən, -vĭl′-), Sir George Otto 1838-1928.
British historian and politician who was secretary for Ireland (1882-1884) and Scotland (1886 and 1892-1895) and wrote the four-volume American Revolution (1899-1907). His son George Macaulay Trevelyan (1876-1962) was a historian and biographer whose works include a trilogy (1907-1911) on Garibaldi.


(trɪˈvɛljən; -ˈvɪl-)
1. (Biography) George Macaulay. 1876–1962, British historian, noted for his English Social History (1944)
2. (Biography) his father, Sir George Otto. 1838–1928, British historian and biographer. His works include a biography of his uncle Lord Macaulay (1876)


(trɪˈvɛl yən, -ˈvɪl-)

1. George Macaulay, 1876–1962, English historian.
2. his father, Sir George Otto, 1838–1928, English biographer, historian, and statesman.
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Noun1.Trevelyan - English historian and son of Sir George Otto Trevelyan whose works include a social history of England and a biography of Garibaldi (1876-1962)
2.Trevelyan - English historian who wrote a history of the American revolution and a biography of his uncle Lord Macaulay (1838-1928)
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My name is Doctor Percy Trevelyan," said our visitor, "and I live at 403 Brook Street.
Trevelyan, "that really I am almost ashamed to mention them.
You are the same Percy Trevelyan who has had so distinguished a career and own a great prize lately?
Trevelyan has told you of this most unwarrantable intrusion into my rooms.
Trevelyan, drawing a large coil from under the bed.
But Trevelyan and I looked at each other in bewilderment.
I had often wondered what it would feel like to be called by some name like Alan Beverley or Cyril Trevelyan.
The first great figure, chronologically, in the period, and one of the most clearly-defined and striking personalities in English literature, is Thomas Babington Macaulay, [Footnote: The details of Macaulay's life are known from the; famous biography of him by his nephew, Sir George Trevelyan.
Macaulay never married, but, warm-hearted as he was, always lived largely in his affection for his sisters and for the children of one of them, Lady Trevelyan.
But the plan was criticised in the Commons by Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Conservative MP for Berwick.
Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed, welcomed the Prime Minister's announcement of a 'Universal Service Obligation' (USO) for provision across the country, similar to that already in place for the postal service.
The World Teleport Association (WTA) has announced in a media statement that the Board of Directors of the organization has appointed James Trevelyan, a WTA Board member since 2012, as the new Chairman of the entity to succeed M.