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n.1.(Geol.) The formation situated between the Permian and Lias, and so named by the Germans, because consisting of three series of strata, which are called in German the Bunter sandstein, Muschelkalk, and Keuper.
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Contract notice: Supply of sera for hospital universitari germans trias i pujol.
In Cavite's General Trias City, a new Robinsons mall has opened.
Expert Trias Gkikopoulos, of Dundee University, said: "I gave up my job and went into designing this.
Ted Trias, Long Island's top-ranked commercial real estate broker, has joined Rechler Equity Partners as director of acquisitions and leasing.
Essentially," the White House paper said, "the House proposal expands the program by creating several 'mini-TRIAs'--a Workers' Compensation TRIA, a Property TRIA, a Casualty TRIA, a new Group Life TRIA, and a new NBCR [nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological] TRIA.
Policyholders, state insurance regulators, and insurers understand that this potential mismatch between policy periods and TRIAs expiration makes it absolutely critical that Congress acts this year to extend TRIA beyond December 31, 2005.
When Jasmine Trias failed to get voted out, conspiracy theorists blamed it on Fox's time-zone rules that allowed voters from Trias' home state of Hawaii (population 1,244,000) as much time and as many phone lines as the scores of millions living on the East and West coasts.
El espiritu de Moliere segun los barbaros del norte o, lo que es lo mismo, Las Preciosas ridiculas en version del director fronterizo Octavio Trias.
Takeshi Okubo, General Manager for TEL's Single Wafer Deposition Business Unit, said, "The Trias SPAi demonstrates TEL's commitment to delivering greener technology.
The contract relates to the project Trias Westland and comprises the design of a geothermal doublet, wherein the production bore also has the character of an investigation bore.
SAN PEDRO CITY -- President Benigno Aquino III had signed the bill converting General Trias in Cavite from being a first-class municipality into a component city.