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(Animals) a parasitic roundworm of the genus Trichinella


n. Trichinella, género de gusanos nematodos, parásitos de animales carnívoros.
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Characterization of levamisole binding sites in Trichinella spiralis.
The research reported here implements a transdisciplinary approach to better understand the risks of porcine foodborne zoonoses such as trichinella, Taenia solium (T.
Larvas de primer estadio (L1) de Trichinella spiralis, obtenidas por digestion artificial, a partir de canales de ratones previamente infectados, se incubaron en placas de 24 pocillos (1000 U/pocillo en 1 ml de medio HBSS) con diferentes concentraciones (1, 2 y 5 mg/ml) de estreptomicina y penicilina.
Although trichinellosis in the United States has historically been associated with consumption of pork, multiple nonporcine species of wild game also are competent hosts for Trichinella spp.
Results of serologic testing performed at the hospital were negative for Trichinella, Toxocara, and Schistosoma spp.
Neither Clostridium botulinum nor Trichinella spiralis were detected in any of the treatments.
2008) cloned the caveolin-1 gene of Trichinella spiralis and used fragment specific cDNA probes, and reported its sex-specific expression in the oocyte maturation and early embryo development process.
Ige Enhances Parasite Clearance and Regulates Mast Cell Responses in Mice Infected with Trichinella spiralis.
Some parasites can also reside in muscles, organs and the brain (cysticercosis), especially Trichinella spiralis, the pork worm, from undercooked pork.
Periorbital edema can be observed with Trichinella infection.
Tenders are invited for reagents for the determination of TORCH infections, hepatitis, parasites ELISA: A set of reagents for the detection of immunoglobulin G antigens opistorhysiv, Trichinella, Echinococcus and toxocara serum (plasma) of human blood by ELISA.