trickle-down theory

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trick′le-down` the`ory

an economic theory that monetary benefits directed esp. by the government to big business will in turn pass to and profit smaller businesses and the general public.
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Despite anecdotal claims to the contrary, researchers who have examined the impact of the Olympic Games on sport involvement have, for the most part, been unable to find support for the trickle-down theory.
Modi's prime objective is to achieve "economic growth that could reach the poor, not by the pernicious limitations of the trickle-down theory, but by a trickle-up theory, in which swift financial empowerment of the poor is matched by the goods manufactured in India.
It's the traditional trickle-down theory that never works.
Think of that as some sort of a trickle-down theory.
The old trickle-down theory always seemed to trickle up.
With an unconscionable arrogance that begins with owners who consider themselves not only entitled to wallow at the public trough, but also to stand first in line, and a trickle-down theory (the only place it's worked) that gives players the right to carry guns in public places, to drive without licenses, to beat up on women, professional (and sometimes "amateur") sports organizations happily label the dregs of society as scholar-athletes and lionize them as examples of character-builders.
The trickle-down theory (from runway to reality) once had currency, but trends travel in all directions: from high to low, sure, but also from sidewalk to catwalk to red carpet to clearance rack.
Gas prices are consistently over two dollars a gallon, and elements of the trickle-down theory will force the cost of doing business to continue to increase.
If there is satisfaction and happiness among attending physicians, it will lead to a positive spin for students and residents--the trickle-down theory of happiness," Dr.