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n.1.(Min.) Same as Tripoli.
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Littleton, NH 03561 Dunkelweizen, Altbier, Tripel, Baltic
European-style beers such as altbier, marzen, pilsner, dark strong ale, dubbel and tripel have become favorites of Northwest homebrewers, including long-time local homebrewer extraordinaire, Denny "Grainfather" Conn.
In the 1990s, Jim Koch of Boston Beer launched a seven-year project to explore the boundaries of beer, producing Tripel Bock (17.
Belgian Tripel Ale (10% ABV) - The Tripel Ale presents a dense and creamy head, combined with the strong, rich and fullness of clean Belgian character.
Little wonder, given that the bottle of St Feuillen Amo 1125 Tripel contains no fewer than nine litres of beer.
Here, there are the likes of Duvel, Chimay, Tripel Karmeliet, Maredsous and many more standout beers, as well as the refreshing Kopparberg, a fruity cider from Sweden which comes in various flavours.
It's always got a great range of Mad Hatter Ales in - I picked up a new-to-me Membrillo Tripel, which I'm yet to try.
It's a take of the Belgian-style tripel brews that tend to be strong with plenty of flavour but a pale colour that belies an alcohol content between 8% and 9%.
ARFUR DALEY Moortgat Brewery Duvel Tripel Hop 2015, 9.
Philadelphia Breaking Bad Heisenberg Dark IPA Marble Brewery Lord of the Rings * Gollum Precious Pils Fish Brewing Company * Smaug Stout * Bolg Belgian Tripel The simpsons Duff Beer City Brewing Company Carhartt Carhartt Woodsman New Holland Brewing Co.
There are other Welsh beers: highly-hopped double IPAs, roistering best bitters with Sahara-dry finishes, beers made with different yeast strains that throw all manner of shapes in the glass, fruit-infused porters, Bible-black saisons and, as if to show kinship with another small country, a Belgian Tripel with dried orange peel in the mix (the latter being a collaboration between the Celt Experience and London's Tap East).
Barley wine/Strong Old Ale, Gold: Kinver Brewery - Over the Edge (Staffordshire); Silver: Moor - Old Freddy Walker (Somerset); Bronze: Green Jack - Ripple Tripel (Suffolk) and Highland - Orkney Porter (Orkney).