Triple star

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(Astron.) a system of three stars in close proximity.

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Right: Gingham shirt from PS9, Amazing jumper from PS13, jeans from PS13, triple star trainers from PS17.
The borrower, Triple Star Realty LLC, plans to raze the existing structures and develop a 631,752 s/f mixed-use waterfront complex consisting of a 360-unit residential condominium, 200-room hotel, retail, a supermarket, general and medical office space, and parking.
Daniels determination and effort alongside an exemplary attendance and punctuality record enabled him to obtain a Triple Star Distinction Grade for his BTEC Extended Diploma in Creative Media (Radio) course.
6, notes: "Is given as a triple star in NGC 2000 catalogue.
This artist's impression shows a planet, right, orbiting the star Alpha Centauri B, centre, a member of the triple star system that is the closest to Earth
The belt, which looks like three simple kindred stars cinching the midsection, actually consists of a two-star system, a distant blue supergiant, and a triple star - lined up from our vantage point just by chance.
Scientists have long suspected that the brilliant star Polaris, or the North Star, is part of a triple star system.
The triple star award follows on from an ``Investors in People'' award won in 2000.
We're taking a census of all the nearby stars and whether or not they're double or triple star systems.
The nearest star to the sun is the triple star system Alpha Centauri, roughly four light-years from Earth -- 24 trillion miles
Also honored was Amelia Riggs of WJ Bradley Mortgage who received the Triple star award of outstanding service to the community and dedication to the real estate industry.