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a.1.Having three heads; three-headed; as, the triple-headed dog Cerberus.
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Compromising three of the city's best emerging rappers/producers - KGOSI, Souler and SEDDAA - triple-headed monster Th3 DOSE has been demonstrating the power of hip-hop collaboration over the past year.
40pm ITV2 Even with triple-headed dragons, yetis and Jet Li, this is one sequel too far for the fantasy franchise.
The triple-headed problem is compounded by the "lost decade" in Army acquisition in the 2000s, when a number of major procurement programs were canceled, including Future Combat Systems, he said.
It's pushing 30 years now since Stock/Aitken/ Waterman dominated the pop charts like a triple-headed producing behemoth, but there are moments on Communion where you'd be forgiven for believing they were walking among us again.
He's going to have all his weapons back -- including a triple-headed headache of a running back group in senior Zakk Hoffner (52 carries, 533 yards, 9 touchdowns) and juniors Francis Konneh (82 carries, 841 yards, 9 touchdowns) and Festus Konneh.
Still, Depero's tapestry Cavalcata fantastica (Fantastical Ride), 1920--depicting a weird mechanical figure astride a triple-headed camel-like animal--might be considered a masterwork.
In the same way that MuratpaE-a both was and wasn't GE[micro]reme, so the Valley of the Saints was and wasn't PaE-abay-, the settlement on the way to the Zelve Open Air Museum that is popular with tourists for its triple-headed fairy chimney rock formations and the stories linking it to the stylite saints, extraordinary individuals who passed long periods of their lives perched on top of pillars in search of greater union with God.
It's also testament to the rude health of the Welsh comedy scene that Brookes will appear alongside WUSA 2011 winner Matt Rees and promising newcomer Charlie Webster on a triple-headed bill of locally sourced comedy excellence at the Machynlleth Comedy Festival tomorrow night.
It's ' also testament to the rude health of the Welsh comedyd scene that Brookr esk will appear alongside WUSA 2011 winner Matt Rees and promising r newcomer e Charlie r Webster e on a triple-headed t bill of locallyl sourcedr comedyd excellence at the Machyc nllethy Comedyd Festivalv tomorrowr night.
Few tracks can boast finer, unspoilt views, with sweeping countryside running to the border with England 20 miles away, and fine views of the Eildon Hills, a triple-headed land mass with one peak that provided bronze-age accommodation.
He wrote a song about Herakles killing the triple-headed monster Geryon, fragments of which have gradually been coming to light since 1566.
Nonetheless, he said that he collected information on "everyone and everything" and vowed to "cut off the head of the triple-headed snake" even though the identity of the snake in question remained sublimely unclear.