Tristan da Cunha

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Tris·tan da Cun·ha

 (trĭs′tən də ko͞o′nə)
An island and volcanic island group of the southern Atlantic Ocean between southern Africa and southern South America. Discovered by the Portuguese in 1506, the islands were annexed by Great Britain in 1816 and are now administered as a dependency of St. Helena.

Tristan da Cunha

(də ˈkuːnjə)
(Placename) a group of four small volcanic islands in the S Atlantic, about halfway between South Africa and South America: comprises the main island of Tristan and the uninhabited islands of Gough, Inaccessible, and Nightingale; discovered in 1506 by the Portuguese admiral Tristão da Cunha; annexed to Britain in 1816; whole population of Tristan evacuated for two years after the volcanic eruption of 1961. Pop: 264 (2010 est). Area: about 100 sq km (40 sq miles)

Tris•tan da Cu•nha

(ˈtrɪs tən də ˈku nə, ˈkun yə)
a group of volcanic islands in the S Atlantic, belonging to St. Helena. 40 sq. mi. (104 sq. km).
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Draw a line east of the tip of South America, and find the Tristan da Cunha islands.