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Any of various unsaturated hydrocarbons, C10H16, found in essential oils and oleoresins of plants such as conifers and used in organic syntheses.

[Obsolete terp(entine), variant of turpentine + -ene.]

ter·pe′nic adj.
ter′pe·noid′ adj. & n.


(Elements & Compounds) any one of a class of unsaturated hydrocarbons, such as the carotenes, that are found in the essential oils of many plants. Their molecules contain isoprene units and have the general formula (C5H8)n
[C19: terp- from obsolete terpentine turpentine + -ene]
terˈpenic adj


(ˈtɜr pin)

1. any of a class of monocyclic hydrocarbons of the formula C10H16, obtained from plants.
2. any of the oxygenated derivatives of this class.
[1870–75; terp(entine), earlier sp. of turpentine + -ene]
ter•pe′nic, adj.
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Noun1.terpene - an unsaturated hydrocarbon obtained from plants
hydrocarbon - an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen
limonene - a liquid terpene with a lemon odor; found in lemons and oranges and other essential oils
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Among natural products, natural triterpenes represent a structurally diverse group of organic compounds with potent antitumor activity.
Melissa officinalis extracts contain a range of phytochemicals including phenolic acids, flavonoids, sesquiterpenes, monoterpenes and triterpenes with recent reports describing cytotoxic and anti-proliferative effects in various tumour cell lines.
Liquid Gold contains high amounts of the nucleosides and triterpenes found naturally in Red Reishi.
CAST refers to a mixture of selected triterpenes believed to be the active ingredient in CeA.
A reduction in eye puffiness appearance can be supported by a standardized solution of pentacyclic triterpenes from the bark of the Arjun tree (INCE: Terminalia arjuna bark extract, pentylene glycol), by increasing skin blood microcirculation.
The first part of the volume is organized by chemical class, covering monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, triterpenes & steroids, essential oils, phenolic compounds, phenylpropanoids, coumarins, flavonoids, quinones & benzophenones, xanthones & anthranoids, lignans & stilbenes, tannins, alkaloids, and ceramides & cerebrosides.
The TriForC consortium will tackle this issue by establishing an integrative and innovative pipeline for the exploitation of plant triterpenes, one of the largest classes of plant bioactive compounds with an astonishing array of structural diversity and spectrum of biological activities.
Liquorice root has been under the scrutiny of a lot of scientific research and it has been found to contain triterpenes which makes the root very important in the treatment of diseases that present inflammation.
2 Triterpenes protect the liver, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, prevent platelet clumping that leads to heart attack and stroke, fight allergic responses triggered by histamine, and also possess anticancer activity.
The detection tests to evaluate the presence of heterosides, saponins, phenols, tannins, flavonoids, steroids, triterpenes, coumarins, quinones, organic acids and alkaloids were performed according to the method described by Matos (2009).
rotundus is rich in alkaloids, anthraquinone, coumarins, steroids, triterpenes, flavonoids, saponins, tannins, and resins.