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a.1.(Chem.) containing tritium; - of chemical compounds; as, tritiated thymine.
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Supply of plastic wire for the binding of the tritiated dry fraction bales produced by the tritovagliatura and packaging waste (stir) of s.
Alternatives to dumping this tritiated water in the ocean include storing it underground or vaporizing it into the atmosphere.
Assay for chitinase using tritiated chitin in: Wood WA, kelloggst, editors.
Disintegrations per minute were converted to fig of N-acetyl-D-glucosamine using a fully digested sample of a known amount of tritiated chitin.
The tritiated water space technique (TOH) for determining body composition has been successfully applied in ruminants (Viljoen, Coetzee, & Meissner, 1988, Benjamin, Koenig, & Becker, 1993).
Measurement of brain uptake of radiolabeled substances using a tritiated water internal standard.
Modification of tritiated Y-amino-n-butyric acid transport in rabies virus-infected primary cortical cultures.
The rate of tritiated water released during the conversion of the substrate to estrone is quantified by liquid scintillation that is corresponding to the magnitude of enzyme activity.
1960) The histogenesis of the mouse cerebellum as studied by its tritiated thymidine uptake.
Tritiated thymidine, uridine, and leucine incorporation assay suggest that the fraction acts directly on DNA synthesis.
Muscarinic receptors were determined by binding assays using a single concentration (Kd) of the specific tritiated ligand antagonist [sup.
In vitro studies (27, 28) demonstrated a correlation between fiber length and transforming potency, enhanced incorporation of tritiated thymidine, biosynthesis of polyamines, and squamous metaplasia.