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Noun1.Triturus - chiefly aquatic salamandersTriturus - chiefly aquatic salamanders    
amphibian genus - any genus of amphibians
common newt, Triturus vulgaris - small semiaquatic salamander
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Daily temperature fluctuations on amphibians have also shown to induce a variation in traits associated with fitness, suchas an increase in the developmental rate, tadpole body length and jumping performance in Limnodvnastes peronii (Niehaus, Wilson, & Franklin, 2006), a positive increase in individual performance and development in Triturus alpestris (Merakova, & Gvozdik, 2009), and to cause embryos to hatch at a younger developmental stage and longer snout-vent-length in Bombina orientalis (Kaplan, & Phillips, 2006).
Studies on the biology of Triturus granulosus Skilton [dissertation].
Alternative mating tactics in the Alpine newt Triturus alpestris alpestris.
A simple funnel trap for studying newt populations and an evaluation of trap behavior in smooth and palmate newts, Triturus vulgaris and T.
The structure of the kidney of Japanese newts, Triturus (Cynops) pyrrhogaster.
Sin embargo, Brady & Griffiths (1995), tambien han demostrado que los embriones de las salamandras Triturus helveticus y Triturus vulgaris incubados bajo condiciones de acidez (pH 5,5) presentan un desarrollo mas lento.
Anti-MCV was evaluated with Orgentec-548 kit (Anti-MCV-548) Germany, (instrument: Triturus, Italy) and with Orgentec-248 (Anti-MCV-248) kit Germany, (instrument: Alegria, Germany).
The effect of 5-alpha-dihydrotestosterone and 5-beta-dihydrotestosterone on erythropoiesis of the newt, Triturus cristatus carnifex (Laur).
Entre los anfibios, se encuentran: Triturus pygmaeus (triton jaspeado), Triturus boscai (triton iberico), Bufo bufo (sapo comun), Bufo calamita (sapo corredor), Pelobates cultripes (sapo de espuelas), Rana perezi (rana comun).
Topics include dopamine control of sleep and arousal, the life cycle of the dopaminergic neurons in the substantial nigra, dopamine effects on the adrenal gland of the newt triturus carnifex, and dopamine receptors regulation by non- dopaminergic mechanisms, and others.
Mae madfallod yn cael yr enw Triturus o fytholeg Gwlad Groeg ar ol Triton, mab Poseidon, duw'r mor.
These very diverse natural conditions have enable the survival of local species of plants like Suaeda maritima (seablite) and Puccinellia distans (sweet grass), of various animal species, such as the Danube crested newt Triturus dobrogicus and theaEuropean fire-bellied toad Bombina bombina, as well as several threatened species of bat, like Miniopterus schreibersi.