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 (troi′ləs, trō′ə-ləs)
A son of King Priam of Troy, depicted as Cressida's lover in medieval romance.


(ˈtrɔɪləs; ˈtrəʊɪləs)
(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the youngest son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, slain at Troy. In medieval romance he is portrayed as the lover of Cressida


(ˈtrɔɪ ləs, ˈtroʊ ə-)

a warrior son of Priam, mentioned by Homer and Virgil and later represented as the lover of Cressida.
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The Achaeans next desire to return home, but are restrained by Achilles, who afterwards drives off the cattle of Aeneas, and sacks Lyrnessus and Pedasus and many of the neighbouring cities, and kills Troilus.
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However, he takes the Folio as his main source, noting that Troilus and Cressida is known to have been revised at least once.
The following section is devoted to analyzing the main characters--Troilus, Pandarus, and Criseyde--in the Troilus and Criseyde in terms of how their individual destinies are interwoven with the preordained fate of Troy.
The works considered are the Book of the Duchess, the House of Fame, the Parliament of Fowls, Troilus and Criseyde, the Prologue to the Legend of Good Women, and the Nun's Priest's Tale from the Canterbury Tales.
arrived at love's door Troilus and Criseyde exhibit some of the
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Chaucer's tragic romance Troilus and Criseyde is the basis for Francesca Abbate's poetic retelling of the tale.
Shakespeare often considered such questions, never more dramatically than in Troilus and Cressida and Coriolanus.
However, gold declined 37% to 83,400 ounces because of lower grades at the Troilus gold mine in northern Quebec and at Ok Tedi in Papua New Guinea because of lower grades and a labor disruption.
Here he expands his study to another four tales as well as to the poems Troilus and Criseyde and The Legend of Good Women.