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Noun1.Trombiculidae - mitesTrombiculidae - mites          
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
Acarina, order Acarina - mites and ticks
trombiculid - mite that as nymph and adult feeds on early stages of small arthropods but whose larvae are parasitic on terrestrial vertebrates
genus Trombicula, Trombicula - type genus of the family Trombiculidae
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Scrub typhus, caused by the rickettsial bacterium Orientia tsutsugamushi (Hyashi) that is transmitted by several species of larval mites belonging to the family Trombiculidae, is a disease of major military importance.
Parthenogenesis Trombiculidae Leptotrombidium arenicola Traub, 1960 Scorpiones Parthenogenesis Buthidae Ananteris coinaui Lourenco 1982, Hottentota hottentota Fabricius 1787, Tityus columbianus Thorell 1876, Tityus metuendus Pocock 1897, Tityus stigmurus Thorell 1876, Tityus trivittatus Kraepelin 1898, Tityus uruguayensis Borelli, 1901 Parthenogenesis Hemiscorpiidae Liocheles australasiae Fabricius, 1775 * Opiliones Parthenogenesis Caddidae Acropsopilio chomulae Goodnight & Goodnight 1948 Parthenogenesis Phalangiidae Leiobunum globosum Suzuki 1953, Leiobunum manubriatum Karsch 1881 Araneae Absence of males Symphytognathidae Anapistula caecula Baert & or strongly Jocque 1993 biased sex-ratio Absence of males Araneidae Hypognatha spp.
Spieler & Linsenmair (1999) did not find differential parasitism in Endotrombicula, a similar amphibian mite to Hannemania (but found in the Trombiculidae, rather than Leeuwenhoekiidae) infesting Phrynobatrachus francisci (Ewing 1931; Kethley 1982).