Tropaeolum peregrinum

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Noun1.Tropaeolum peregrinum - a climber having flowers that are the color of canariesTropaeolum peregrinum - a climber having flowers that are the color of canaries
nasturtium - any tropical American plant of the genus Tropaeolum having pungent juice and long-spurred yellow to red flowers
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The canary creeper, tropaeolum peregrinum, can be used in the same way, with its bright yellow flowers and its close relative, commonly known as nasturtium, tropaeolum majus will scramble up anything if given the chance - it will also cascade downwards if your circumstances allow for this.
It is only the small spurs on the flowers that might make you correctly guess that Canary-bird vine is a nasturtium, Tropaeolum peregrinum, as it looks nothing like the ground-covering nasturtiums commonly planted.
Look out for seeds of Eccremocarpus, the Chilean Glory Vine; Rhodochiton, the Purple Bell Vine; Tropaeolum peregrinum, the Canary Creeper; Thunbergia alata, Black-eyed Susan; Asarina antirrhinifolia, the Twining Snapdragon; Ipomoea purpurea, the Morning Glory and Ipomoea lobata, the Spanish flag.