tropical cyclone

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tropical cyclone

A violent storm originating over tropical or subtropical waters, characterized by violent rainstorms and high-velocity cyclonic winds.

trop′ical cy′clone

a cyclone that begins in the tropics and can develop into a hurricane or typhoon.
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The UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO) had earlier issued a statement saying a tropical cyclone is heading for Yemen three days after a storm dumped several years' worth of rain on the port city of Mukalla.
Many of the major weather events -- such as record-breaking tropical cyclone activity in the Pacific Ocean, the historic South Carolina floods, and deepening global droughts -- were clearly impacted by the current El Nino's growing fingerprint on global weather patterns.
The analysis of Multi-Hazards Early Warning System (NMHEWS) pointed out that local and global numerical weather prediction models agree that the Tropical Cyclone "Chapala" continues to move westwards towards the sisterly Yemeni Republic over the area between the governorates of Hadhramout and Shabwa as Tropical Storm during the next 24 hours.
Meanwhile, another low-pressure system, located about 560 kilometers southwest of the southernmost Cape Verde islands, has a 70 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone in the next two days, the NHC said.
However, researchers believe that a tropical cyclone slamming into the Gulf isn't quite as unlikely as you may think.
Ashobaa, the Tropical Cyclone over west-central Arabian Sea was said to be presently centered at Lat 21.
According to the cyclone alter issued here on Monday evening the Tropical Cyclone, named Ashobaa has moved north-northwestward in last six hour at speed of 15km/hr and now lies centered around Lat 18.
2 million to be made available for emergency relief efforts, immediately, on the South Pacific islands affected badly by tropical Cyclone Pam.
The center of Severe Tropical Cyclone Olwyn is tracking very close to the coast as it moves southwards across the Coral Bay area.
We're making this decision now because we don't know the exact track of this tropical cyclone yet.
In addition, the hazards of a tropical cyclone can extend over a broad area well away from the center," th
The trend observed by Kossin and his colleagues is particularly important given the devastating loss of life and property that can follow in the wake of a tropical cyclone.

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