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(ˈtrʌkˌdraɪ vər)

one who drives a truck.
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A truckdriver on Monday was charged by federal officials with smuggling dozens of illegal immigrants in his tractor-trailer in sweltering heat that led to the deaths of 10 people.
In an effort to help standardize criteria, the ADSO has been working with several State departments of motor vehicles to educate officials on Army truckdriver training, vehicle classifications, documentation of driver experience, and military licensing processes.
Terry Greenwood, a farmer and retired truckdriver, said 10 of his cows died in 2008 after two wells were drilled on his land.
Carlos himself was a pupil at the National Ballet School of Cuba where his truckdriver father enrolled him in an attempt to calm his early wayward behaviour.
Fontaine retired from the City of Worcester Public Works Department as a truckdriver with 10 years of service.
She was giving evidence in the trial of a forklift truckdriver accused of killing the five women.
The son of a truckdriver from the hard Yorkshire city of Hull smiles and winks - one of his trademarks, along with sunglasses and two gold rings the size of bricks which spell out Devilfish (an Oriental fish that's poisonous unless properly prepared).
Moorhouse relates the tale of a CHS truckdriver who was "so incredibly proud of what he does.
Interned because of his German passport,he later served as an army truckdriver,before opening a studio in Melbourne.
Equestrian consultant, breaking,schooling, Training thoroughbreds and other breeds, Truckdriver (Emlor Polo Team), 10-horse rider trainer (BHSAI).
A twenty-eight-year-old man was apparently run over by a truckdriver who had lost control of bis vehicle.