true blue

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true′ blue′

a person who is true-blue.


unwaveringly loyal or faithful.
References in classic literature ?
Whether it were in consequence or in spite of his political creed, I do not mean to give an opinion, though I have one; but certain it is that he held therewith divers social principles not generally supposed to be true blue in colour.
Madame's bedroom was draped in a fabric of true blue and furnished in a rococo manner.
Wenham himself was a staunch old True Blue Tory, and his father a small coal-merchant in the north of England), this aide-de-camp of the Marquis never showed any sort of hostility to the new favourite, but pursued her with stealthy kindnesses and a sly and deferential politeness which somehow made Becky more uneasy than other people's overt hostilities.
Global Banking News-June 6, 2017--Capitol Federal Financial declares True Blue Capitol dividend
Guardian Avionics and True Blue Power have a variety of options that won't fry your devices.
SEEING the Red half of the city celebrate the opening of the new PS100m main stand reminded me as a True Blue that we need to get our act together over our own stadium development plans.
Australian media outlets reported Galea had links to far-right organisations Reclaim Australia and True Blue Crew.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 31, 2016-Capitol Federal declares True Blue Capitol dividend
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-May 31, 2016-Capitol Federal declares True Blue Capitol dividend
s (NASDAQ: MOKO) (ASX: MKB) political commentary platform, Blue Nation Review, will be sold to True Blue Media, LLC, a newly-formed company currently wholly owned by David Brock, founder of US progressive-based research and information centre Media Matters, Moko said.
Despite the tough appearance of a true blue SUV on the outside, the TUV300 is stylish and extremely comfortable on the inside.
IN RESPONSE TO INCREASING CONSUMER demand for unique flavor profiles, True Dairy Flavors, a division of Midpoint Enterprises, announces six flavors of milk: True Banana Cream, True Black Cherry, True Blue Moon, True Cotton Candy, True Grape and True Orange Dreamsicle.