Altern base

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(Trig.) a second side made base, in distinction from a side previously regarded as base.
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It is a true base load capacity and helps reduce green house gas emissions and overall dependence on fossil fuels.
Methods of identifying the base that decrease the likelihood of leaving residual appendix include: tracing the taenia coli of the cecum to the appendix, or dissecting and ligating the recurrent branch of the appendiceal artery, which marks the true base of the appendix.
But President Bush's level of interest in grappling with the problems of our weapons complex is reflected by the fact that he has not chosen to appoint to the National Security Council any staff members with a true base of knowledge and interest in the issue.
Making money by gambling on the Stock Exchange in ever more complex and abstract ways, divorced from the true base of wealth - making things other people want.
The problem, of course, is that their true base -Stradey Park -is a long way away from which to launch a marketing offensive, and, as a necessary consequence of appeasing some Llanelli supporters who are unhappy about the North and mid Wales arrangements, there are no more than a couple of games up at Wrexham.
Allow only true base stealers to make steal attempts.
Other Exclusions and Limitations The study considers market size and all forecasting considerations with regard to the following related constraints: -2013 is considered the true base year for the mPERS market segment.
Even if the source of the attack was spotted, it was not necessarily the true base of attackers.
National social interaction of films and polling brings true fans and brands to indie filmmakers; the true base line to Social TV.
The true bases were "existing funds," ready-to-go projects and an honorable commitment by the local leadership to champion the projects.