Trumpet shell

(Zool.) any species of large marine univalve shells belonging to Triton and allied genera. See Triton, 2.
- Grove.

See also: Trumpet

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Not only does the triton trumpet shell eat the COTS, the COTS are petrified of the triton," Dr Thomas-Hall explains.
The triton trumpet shell was heavily fished on the GBR right up until the 1970s and these carnivorous molluscs are now rare.
Pair the 18kt white gold and diamond earrings from IRIDESSE's Trumpet Shell collection with an impeccably tailored dress.
IRIDESSE's Trumpet Shell Collection featuring cultured Tahitian pearl and diamond earrings in 18kt white gold, $3,725
CEBU CITY -- The Cebu Provincial Anti-Illegal Fishing Task Force (CPAIFTF) confiscated 39 sacks of trumpet shells, locally known as "tambuli," which are considered endangered species.