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n.1.A stake; a small post.
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Norfolk's redoubtable yarn spinner, musician and singer hails from the legendary village of Trunch - yet to be discovered by satnav.
As 2008 marks 20 years since Dahl's classic Matilda was published, the award-winning Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Great Missenden will be organising its Roald Dahl Day celebrations around the book, with a host of fun activities, including meet-and-greets with Miss Honey and Miss Trunch bull and bingo sessions in Miss Honey's classroom.
Now son Andrew, 57, is selling it after his mum, from Trunch in Norfolk, died in September aged 83.
Mechanic Mr Allan Jones, aged 53, of Trunch, Norfolk, erected the wooden scarecrow, which stands side on, in his allotment for a joke.
They popped into the tiny social club at Trunch, Norfolk, on Christmas Eve while visiting Noel's girlfriend Meg's parents nearby.
Occasionally lunchless, he'd settle for trunch, a hybrid amuse-bouche taken at that suspended hour between lunch and tea-time, when Isabelle, his housekeeper served him light culinary comforts accompanied by a glass of his favorite Russian Caravan Tea.
Tenders are invited for remettaling yard,construction of road and foot path,providing fire band around the yard,construction of cable trunch and providing chain link and barbed wire fencing.
Mechanic Allan Jones, aged 53, of Trunch, Norfolk, erected the wooden scarecrow on his allotment for a joke.
Tenders are invited for Digging/ cutting and removal of ash/ soil accumulated over and around ash pipe line of ~a~tps, anpara, located near discharge trunch puliya and behind fuel oil pump house of m/s lanco anpara power ltd and beneath of nearby puliya.
Tenders are invited for Supply and fitting street light pole and sodiyam fitting from nivi to trunch ground