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Peters, director of FHWA's Center for Local Aid Support, which oversees TTAP.
In January 2018, FHWA launched a 2-year pilot to operate one TTAP Center, a change from the seven regional TTAP centers that served tribes in the past.
The maximum TTAp (31%) was estimated for the combination between the density of 27 plants [m.
In the absence of nitrogen fertilization, the TTAp increased with the density of plants up to 25 plants [m.
In the list referred to, the number of items or questions for each TTAP knowledge domain is given in parenthesis.
To help stretch every dollar, LTAP and TTAP are focusing on sharing information through more economical, online technologies and strategies such as their shared Web site, podcasts, electronic newsletters, and social media.
The LTAP and TTAP centers serve a diverse and geographically dispersed audience of professionals that includes public works directors and staff; city, town, and county engineers; transportation planners; and street and road maintenance superintendents and staff.
It would be hard to find a program in the Federal Government that touches as many people and fosters such success as LTAP and TTAP," says Joseph Toole, associate administrator of FHWA's Office of Professional and Corporate Development.
FHWA, realizing that two centers would not be sufficient to meet the needs of the tribes, established six TTAP centers.
However, the TTAP centers assist tribal governments in developing intergovernmental coordination, transportation planning, and project selection.
2] centers from each of the nine FHWA regions, the TTAP centers, APWA, NACE, AASHTO, and ITA.
The peer consultants had experience both in managing LTAP or TTAP [T.