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A city of southeast Arizona south-southeast of Phoenix. A Spanish mission was founded nearby in 1700, and the present city was first settled in 1776 as a walled presidio. It became part of the United States after the Gadsden Purchase (1853) and served as territorial capital from 1867 until 1877.


(Placename) a city in SE Arizona, at an altitude of 700m (2400 ft): resort and seat of the University of Arizona (1891). Pop: 507 658 (2003 est)


(ˈtu sɒn, tuˈsɒn)

a city in S Arizona. 449,002.
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Noun1.Tucson - a city in southeastern Arizona ringed by mountain rangesTucson - a city in southeastern Arizona ringed by mountain ranges; long known as a winter and health resort but the population shift from industrial states to the Sunbelt resulted in rapid growth late in the 20th century
Arizona, Grand Canyon State, AZ - a state in southwestern United States; site of the Grand Canyon
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Kent and Berry Davis, all of Tucson, crossed the Santa Catalina mountains and traveled due west, as nearly as the configuration of the country permitted.
AzNA Chapter 2 Tucson continues to do good work in Tucson.
23-24--How to Become a More Effective Field Consultant Management 2000 Tucson
He was in this band called Doo Rag in Tucson, and he has a band with his wife now called Coin.
He acquired the property in 2000 and has already spent $50 million building this dream community in the desert outside Tucson.
Having expanded far beyond its very humble beginnings, the Tucson Show is now universally recognized as the single most important gem and mineral event in the world, so if you don't "do" Tucson you're just not with it.
Chris told the June 4th Tucson Tribune, "Me and him, we looked at each other, and we said, 'Let's just go.
Having worked with Will Bruder (notably on the Phoenix Central Library, AR March 1996), Joy now runs his own small practice in Tucson.
Walkup and City Council accepted a proposed settlement between Toter and Rehrig-Pacific, the two vendors vying to supply Tucson with blue recycling barrels.
Movie buffs - particularly those keen on the western genre that flourished in Hollywood in the 1950s and early '60s - have many such moments at Old Tucson Studios, which lies just west of town in a stretch of Sonoran desert that alternately has been passed off as Texas, Mexico, Nevada, Kansas and numerous sites in Arizona.
The IMPACTT program is currently available only at one Tucson school, Sunnyside High School, says Ransom.