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 (to͞oz′dēz, -dāz′, tyo͞oz′-)
On every or almost every Tuesday: The doctor's office is closed Tuesdays.


(ˈtuz deɪz, -diz, ˈtyuz-)

on Tuesdays; every Tuesday.
References in classic literature ?
In this way, too, she used to catch herrings on Tuesdays and Fridays--when everybody on the boat ate fish to make the beef last longer.
He always proposes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the Season.
He entertained her with amazing statistics, culled from the weekly paper which he bought on Tuesdays.
They had them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, since on Saturday afternoons they had to go to a service in the Cathedral.
The Hilberys subscribed to a library, which delivered books on Tuesdays and Fridays, and Katharine did her best to interest her parents in the works of living and highly respectable authors; but Mrs.
The little company moved in and took their places at the round table which was usually reserved for Lady Anselman on Tuesdays.
You know what the countess's Tuesdays are," said des Lupeaulx, with a confidential air.
Which reminds me--' the White Queen said, looking down and nervously clasping and unclasping her hands, 'we had SUCH a thunderstorm last Tuesday--I mean one of the last set of Tuesdays, you know.
At Rugby vulgus and lines were the first lesson every other day in the week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; and as there were thirty- eight weeks in the school year, it is obvious to the meanest capacity that the master of each form had to set one hundred and fourteen subjects every year, two hundred and twenty-eight every two years, and so on.
The Progressive Euchre Club arranged with the Vannis for the exclusive use of the floor on Tuesday and Friday nights.
He and his wife seated themselves at table one Tuesday evening, a few weeks after their return from Grand Isle.
They were relieved however, not by her own recollection, but by the good will of Lucy, who believed herself to be inflicting a severe disappointment when she told her that Edward certainly would not be in Harley Street on Tuesday, and even hoped to be carrying the pain still farther by persuading her that he was kept away by the extreme affection for herself, which he could not conceal when they were together.