n.1.(Zool.) Same as Tucan.
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Arguing for the defendant city was William Landry and Andrew Tugan, also of Providence.
As UPF managing director Tugan Vesely revealed "[w]e mainly want to buy children films, entertaining fare, comedies, action-adventures movies, basically those films people want to have in the video stores" (Danielis Author Interivew).
Tugan Baranowsky afirmo: "En general cuando la produccion social esta repartida proporcionalmente, ninguna reduccion del consumo y de la demanda de objetos de consumo puede provocar en el mercado un exceso de oferta sobre la demanda" (p.
The fair and exhibition attracted Dungan Association of Kyrgyzstan, Public Association of Koreans, International Association of Karachays, Tatar-Bashkir Tugan Tel Center, National Cultural Center of Uzbekistan, Public Association of Azerbaijanis, etc.
Erhan Y, Zekioglu O, Ersoy O, Tugan D, Aydede H, Sakarya A, Kapkaf M, Ozdemir N, Ozbal O, Erhan Y.
The names of Tugan Sokhiev (appointed far too young and inexperienced as music director of Welsh National Opera many years ago, but now a hugely successful orchestral conductor) and Roberto Spano, who has done great things with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the United States also come to mind.
Tunog Tugan, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)-UE jointly sponsored first international gongs and bamboo music festival, with participants from India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Baguio City, will be held Feb.
WELSH National Opera's former Music Director, Tugan Sokhiev, returns to Wales this week with a French orchestra.
While it performed the 'Gumboot' and other dances of South Africa in November, they performed the dances of West Africa featuring those from Angola Malawi and Sulu followed by East African dances of Kenya, Tanzania, and Tugan in December.
Y habia traducido, precedido de un interesante prologo, una obra de Tugan Baranowsky (86).
Yet, I claim that also Islamic groups which do not engage in openly political activities can be described as political in a wider sense, because transforming the personal life experience and replacing the prevalent belief system with an Islamic system eventually leads to the demand of a transformation of the society and state according to an Islamic definition of "just" and "unjust" (See: Cihal Tugan, "Transforming everyday life: Islamism and social movement theory," Theory and Society 38 (5), 2009, pp.
The AHRC identified those arrested as Johnny Tugan, 51 years old; Salik Ameril, 27; Malik Guinaludin and four others, known only by their aliases, Espaik, Said, Dats and Patutin, at their worksite in the village of Lomopog.