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 (to͝ol′sēdäs′) 1532?-1623.
Hindu poet whose Ramcaritmanas is considered one of the greatest works of Hindi literature.
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Tenders are invited for Drilling 150 mm bore and hand pump fiiting near h/o tulsidas andel
A total of 23 accused, including police personnel, are facing trial for their involvement in the alleged fake encounter of Sohrabuddin Shaikh, his wife Kausar Bi and their associate Tulsidas Prajapati in Gujarat in November 2005.
Apart from Khalsa darbars, there are many Udasi darbars in Shikarpur which include Samad Ashram Udasin, Chhatwari Darbar and Baba Tulsidas Udasi Darbar.
Jadhav's wife and mother greeted the people of Pakistan with a 'namaste', this was very good courtesy displayed by them,"a friend Tulsidas Pawar told mediapersons.
This shows what Pakistan wants us to believe," Jadhav's friend Tulsidas Pawar told ANI.
In addition to the tassa tradition, Manuel presents ethnographic and musical analysis of various other men's genres including birha, chowtal, the Tulsidas Manas singing, and the epic tradition of alha, which apparently was known in Trinidad up to the 1990s.
His daughter Indira Gandhi, while speaking of Padmabhushan Dr Camille Bulcke SJ (1909 - 1982) said that "He became one of the foremost authorities on the Ramayana and interpreted Tulsidas with rare insight" (pg 73).
I use this text rather than the original Valmiki or popular Tulsidas versions in India because translator Judith Jacob indicates it was primed for performance with indications for musical accompaniment and dance gesture.
Wati writes of Tulsidas, a medieval saint from India, who probes the nature of the Self and talk of God Rama--laying bare those esoteric truths that have been ever so closely wrapped in that same worldly night where alas most of us are found to abide.
These thematic components will showcase life- size sculptures of Valmiki and Tulsidas, wall- towall scripts, large- screen interface depicting the differences of Valmiki and Tuslidas Ramayan and scriptures displayed on interactive screens so visitors can scroll through them and get comprehensive knowledge on the deity.
En Ramacaritamanas, de Tulsidas, autor de la India del siglo XVI, hay una caceria de un ciervo de oro, que parece resonancia del de la leyenda del rey Arturo, pero que puede ser un paralelismo nacido de identico simbolismo".
Tulsidas Jasraj Parekh Vs Industrial Bank of Western India, AIR 1931 Bom 2.