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 (to͞o′nĭ-kə, tyo͞o′-)
n. pl. tu·ni·cae (-kē′, -sē′)
An enclosing membrane or layer of tissue.

[Latin, tunic; see tunic.]


1. (Anatomy) anatomy tissue forming a layer or covering of an organ or part, such as any of the tissue layers of a blood vessel wall
2. (Botany) botany the outer layer or layers of cells of the meristem at a shoot tip, which produces the epidermis and cells beneath it. Compare corpus4
[C17: from Latin tunica tunic]


(ˈtu nɪk, ˈtyu-)

1. a coat worn as part of a military or other uniform.
2. a gownlike outer garment worn by the ancient Greeks and Romans.
a. a woman's straight, usu. sleeveless upper garment, loose or fitted, extending to the hips or below.
b. Also called tu′nic dress`. any of various dresses styled like this or incorporating this as one element.
4. tunicle.
5. a covering membrane, layer, or integument over an organ or part.
[1600–10; (< French tunique) < Latin tunica]
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Noun1.tunica - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissuetunica - an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue
tissue layer, membrane - a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
albuginea - whitish tunic
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Intravaginal torsion involves twisting of the spermatic cord within the tunica vaginalis (but does not include the tunica vaginalis) and more commonly affects the left side (Basta et al.
In extravaginal torsion, the spermatic cord and testis twist along with the tunica vaginalis, while in intravaginal torsion, the spermatic cord and testis twist inside the tunica vaginalis.
Below superior pole of testes, the processus become known as tunica vaginalis which has two layers.
The tunica vaginalis, covering the tunica albuginea, is double-layered and has an outer parietal layer lining the inner scrotal wall to form the mediastinum.
One case was reported in our study in a 44-year-old arising from tunica vaginalis.
In case of viable extruded seminiferous tubules achieving closure of the testis capsule tunica vaginalis can be used to wrap around the extruded tubules and can be sewn with absorbable sutures.
A careful dissection of dartos and subdartos revealed that the tunica vaginalis was adherent to the herniated intestinal loop.
Malignant mesothelioma (MM) of the tunica vaginalis testis is a rare but often fatal malignancy.
Mesothelioma of the tunica vaginalis testis arises from the serosal membrane of the tunica vaginalis and has a mesenchymal origin.
7%) OIU and silicone catheterization was done, but they recurred then repair with tunica vaginalis cover was performed and 02 (8.
The remaining of this tissue had connected testis and epididymis and tunica vaginalis parietalis to the scrotum.