Tunisian dinar

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Noun1.Tunisian dinar - the basic unit of money in TunisiaTunisian dinar - the basic unit of money in Tunisia  
Tunisian monetary unit - monetary unit in Tunisia
Tunisian dirham, dirham - 100 dirhams equal 1 dinar in Tunisia
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She added: "We found it difficult to exchange the money especially when the Tunisian dinar is going down because of the unstable political situation.
The prices of Tunisian dinar in the international exchange market since the beginning o the year till 25 Aug has recorded decline by 0.
3 billion Tunisian dinars, to support the country's transition and has maintained a constant dialogue with its stakeholders.
The deal for a monthly wake hike of 50 Tunisian dinars ($25) was signed between PM Habib Essid and Hussein Abassi, head of the UGTT, which has in the past been one of the country's political powerbrokers.
Muezz Al-Judi, the chairman of the Tunisian governance society, praised in remarks to KUNA the budget for "its emphasis on security issues and combating terrorism," where 306 million Tunisian dinars (USD 154 million) were allocated for the ministries of interior and defense, with 35 percent of the earmarked money for the army, the customs and equipment.
MANAMA: Al Baraka Bank Tunisia, a subsidiary banking unit of Al Baraka Banking Group, announced that first quarter net income jumped by 100 per cent to reach four million Tunisian dinars ($2.
25%) to 3,274 million Tunisian dinars (MTD) and imports growing 6.
The tourism ministry has teamed up with several organisations to launch the "Save Mos Espa" campaign, aiming to raise 300,000 Tunisian dinars (137,000 euros) for the restoration of the site, which has been damaged by shifting sand dunes.
Tunisian authorities set a fine of 100,000 Tunisian dinars, which is approximately EGP 400,000, a statement released by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.
Foreign investments fell to 939 million Tunisian dinars ($569.
In May, a Tunisian court fined the director of Nessma, a private TV channel, 2,800 Tunisian dinars (about 1,500 U.
Last month, a Tunisian court fined the director of Nessma, a private TV channel, 2,800 Tunisian dinars (about 1,500 US dollars) for airing Persepolis, an animated Iranian film that Islamists say depicts the divine entity in derogatory manner.