Tuolumne River

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Tu·ol·um·ne River

A river, about 249 km (155 mi) long, of central California rising near Mount Lyell and flowing generally westward to the San Joaquin River.
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At the start of each camp session, the origins of the scroll are explained to the campers as they sit in an outdoor amphitheater, and the wide-ranging conversation opens up to talk about the history of the trees of neighboring Yosemite, and the Tuolomne River, which runs through the campus, and then back to the history of the bimah, on which rests the rescued scroll.
tenellus have been collected in headwaters of the Lyell Fork of the Tuolomne River, Yosemite National Park (e.
The mountain's northern glaciers drain into the Tuolomne River watershed, while those on the peak's eastern face melt toward the Owens Valley, proving, perhaps, that Angelenos and San Franciscans have something in common after all.