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pr. a.1.(Ethnol.) Designating, or pert. to, a mixed racial type including the Afghans, and characterized chiefly by stature above mean, fair complexion, dark, or sometimes gray, eyes, brachycephaly, and very long, prominent, and moderately narrow nose.
pr. n.1.A member of any race of the Turko-Iranian type.
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the western, Turko-Iranian, part of the Inner Asian heartland, whose indigenous population consisted of various Iranian peoples, most of whom have been by now Turkicized, and whose growing Turkic population has to various degrees assimilated its indigenous Iranian culture; in geographical terms, it spreads from the Caspian Sea and the Ural river basin in the west to the Altai mountains and the Turfan oasis in the east, and from the limits of the Inner Asian steppe belt in the north to the Hindukush and the Kopet-Dagh in the south.