Turn left

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Turn left   
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While Mr Vuffin and his two friends smoked their pipes and beguiled the time with such conversation as this, the silent gentleman sat in a warm corner, swallowing, or seeming to swallow, sixpennyworth of halfpence for practice, balancing a feather upon his nose, and rehearsing other feats of dexterity of that kind, without paying any regard whatever to the company, who in their turn left him utterly unnoticed.
Atreus, when he died, left it to Thyestes, rich in flocks, and Thyestes in his turn left it to be borne by Agamemnon, that he might be lord of all Argos and of the isles.
At the end of York Road turn right into Rotton Park Road, cross and turn left into Lyttleton Road.
Take the West 4th Street exit (green sign on right says Coliseum) and turn left on the service road.
Turn left along a track and almost DAYTRIPPER Turn left passing Sunnybank and walk through the woods to reach Upper Henllan where you drop down to a ford.
Easy walking over good paths, map Exp 256 Let's Go Walk to the canal, turn left passing the footbridge, and turn left again by the sculpture of a hand.
Before the footbridge, we turn left to walk along Ormesby Road and soon cross Cricket Lane and Ainstable Road.
Turn left out of the car park and turn first right into School Road and follow it to Sandfields Farm on the left.
Turn left, climb a stile and follow the track at the side of the farmhouse.
At a white pylon, turn left to join Newburn Riverside Trail.
After several blocks, turn left onto Dillon Street.