Turning engine

an engine lathe.

See also: Turning

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The ATs were working in the cockpit very close to the throttle of the turning engine.
That door rapidly closed, pinning a mech to the turning engine.
AO3 Thomas Zeman and AME3 Christopher Stark saved a young airman's life on 1 May when they tackled him moments before he went under an EA-6B Prowler and would have been sucked into the intake of the turning engine.
While troubleshooting a squadron aircraft before a night launch on board USS Nimitz (CVN-68), Petty Officer Schuster noticed an aircraft director bring two tractor operators dangerously close to the port intake of an EA-6B's turning engine.
Welcoming the official launch of this years programme by Minister Breen he said: From turning engines into tables to keeping bees, the Student Enterprise Programme enables thousands of students to explore the world of business, starting in the classroom.