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or Tut·ankh·a·men  (to͞ot′äng-kä′mən) fl. c. 1350 bc.
King of Egypt (1355-1346) during the XVIII Dynasty. His tomb was found almost intact by Howard Carter in 1922.


(ˌtuːtənˈkɑːmɛn; -mən) or


(Biography) king (1361–1352 bc) of the 18th dynasty of Egypt. His tomb near Luxor, discovered in 1922, contained many material objects


or Tut•ankh•a•mon or Tut•ankh•a•mun

(ˌtut ɑŋˈkɑ mən)

fl. c1350 b.c., king of Egypt.
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Noun1.Tutankhamen - Pharaoh of Egypt around 1358 BCTutankhamen - Pharaoh of Egypt around 1358 BC; his tomb was discovered almost intact by Howard Carter in 1922
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His original name was not, in fact, Tutankhamun; originally Tutankhaten, meaning "the living image of Aten", the boy changed his name to "living image of Amun," or "Tutankhamun".
Presently, his son, Tutankhaten, ascended the throne, and the fact that this young pharaoh is better known as Tutankhamun today points to the reversal of Akhenaten's revolution.
The text identifies Tutankhamun as the 'king's son of his body, Tutankhaten,' and his wife as the 'king's daughter of his body, Ankhesenaten'," Hawass said.