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n. & v.1.See Twill.
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van Asch CJ, Luitse MJ, Rinkel GJ, van der Tweel I, Algra A, Klijn CJ, et al.
Auto Business News-October 19, 2017--Michelin Tweel Technologies to launch new mower products at Green Industry Expo show
Development of a Nonlinear Ride Quality model to aid in Tweel (c) parameter selection.
In 2015, the festival featured a scavenger hunt inspired by the festival-selected documentary Finders Keepers (Bryan Carberry & J Clay Tweel, 2015).
Terhaard CH, Lubsen H, Van der Tweel I, Hilgers FJ, Eijkenboom WM, Marres HA et al.
Researchers, using a variety of theoretical models, have attempted to determine some of the factors that determine the adoption of cloud computing by firms (Chebrolu, 2010; Low, Chen, & Wu, 2011; Powelson, 2011; Ross, 2010; Stankov, Miroshnychenko, & Kurbel, 2012; Tweel, 2012; Vaezi, 2012).
Laural Home, Don Tweel, President, 201-264-6020, don@lauralhome.
However, abuse of the parallel investigation format generated serious constitutional questions (13) that the Fifth Circuit examined almost 40 years ago in the landmark case Tweel.
Harry Tweel, Epidemiologist Debbie Ellison, and Program Manager Stan Mills provided technical advice concerning public health issues, clarified organizational data needs, and helped develop survey questions.