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Clients who have paper statements check them at least once," says Dana Twight, certified financial planner and owner of Twight Financial in Seattle.
Cogan tells the story well, but could have incorporated the masterful analysis by Boise State University economist Charlotte Twight.
For extended discussion of TCM's backdrop in the economic literature, see Twight 1983, 10-17.
Her trainer, Mark Twight, the same guy who trained 'Superman' star Henry Cavill, told Muscle and Fitness that Gadot couldn't do a single pull-up when she started with the training program.
Al frente, en un lindo jardin, se erguia -como hasta hoy- el pedestal con el busto de Clodomiro Picado Twight (1887-1944), nuestro maximo cientifico de todos los tiempos.
Relational ability is the key to higher-order cognition," said Gentner, Alice Gabrielle Twight Professor in Northwestern's Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences.
Kiss or Kill by Mark Twight (2001) This taught me it is okay to approach expeditions in a way other than the British model of bumbling amateurism.
Medicare did not and could not achieve passage without the misrepresentation, cost concealment, tying [of unpopular provisions to popular ones], and incrementalism to which its supporters ultimately resorted," Charlotte Twight observed in a 1997 Cato Journal article.
2003) include age (Grunert and Kristensen, 1992; Scott and Willitis, 1994; Van Liere and Dunlap, 1980), gender (Davidson and Freudenberg, 1996; Schahn and Holzer, 1990; Van Liere and Dunlap, 1981; Vining and Ebreo, 1990), marital status (Honnold,1981; Neuman, 1986), education (Meffert and Bruhn, 1996; Mohai and Twight, 1987; Van Liere and Dunlap, 1980), social class (Arbuthnot and Lingg, 1975; Berger, 1997; Widegren, 1998; Young, 1991), number of children (Brooker, 1976; Grunert, 1991; Jackson, 1983).
In terms of race, Blacks have been found to be more concerned about environmentalism than Whites but they may have lower concern for the environment relative to other public issues due to time and money constraints (Mohai 1990; Mohai 1992; Mohai and Twight 1987; Dietz et al.
Trainer Mark Twight is helping Galdot train so that she slips in the skin of Wonder Woman easily.