a.1.Measuring two feet; two feet long, thick, or wide; as, a two-foot rule.
References in classic literature ?
With a two-foot rule always in his pocket, and a mason's hammer all but always in his hand, Durdles goes continually sounding and tapping all about and about the Cathedral; and whenever he says to Tope: 'Tope, here's another old 'un in here
Durdles unfeelingly takes out his two-foot rule, and measures the lines calmly, alloying them with stone-grit.
The key proffered him by the bereaved widower being a large one, he slips his two-foot rule into a side-pocket of his flannel trousers made for it, and deliberately opens his flannel coat, and opens the mouth of a large breast-pocket within it before taking the key to place it in that repository.
The double Open champion had a two-foot putt for bogey but missed five times, including a silly one-handed stab from a couple of inches with his ninth shot.
The drone is approximately two feet long and one foot high with a two-foot wingspan, and is silver-white in color.
RAJANPUR -- A bomb blast at Mayani railway crossings left a two-foot deep crater on the track in Rojhan Mazari tehsil on Sunday morning.
Dave was one of two Good Samaritans who waded into the beck to rescue the man, believed to be in his late 40s, who narrowly missed a two-foot metal spike when he fell.
If I had holed a two-foot putt on the last hole I would've finished tied second instead of seventh, so I stewed over that for a while.
According to the EPA, a two-foot rise would swallow a chunk of the U.
However some fireplaces are not wide enough for two-foot firewood anyway.
Despite their three-pound weight and two-foot maximum length, these docile-looking members of the weasel family are quite voracious in taking on prairie dogs that often are larger, weigh more and put up a fight.
The durable, fire-resistant Acoustic Lay-in Panels ceiling system from Eckel Industries offers a convenient and reliable solution to quickly improve and correct the acoustic environment in new or existing facilities with two-foot by four-foot or two-foot by two-foot grid lay in ceilings.