a.1.(Banking) Having or bearing two names; as, two-name paper, that is, negotiable paper on which at least two persons are severally liable as separate makers, or, usually, one as maker and one as indorser.
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The government sees a big change in the Japanese people's attitude concerning the use of separate surnames by married couples and plans to deal with the possible introduction of a two-name system with that in mind, the top government spokesman said Monday.
The percentage of people in favor of the two-name system is up from 55.
An advisory panel on gender equality to Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori submitted a report to the premier Tuesday suggesting the launch of a two-name system for married couples and a change in the social security system to abolish discrimination.
And with the recent addition of singer Vonda Shepard to her two-name roster, Gellman feels she's well on her way toward her vision for the company.