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(ˈtɪnwəld; ˈtaɪn-)
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the Tynwald the Parliament of the Isle of Man, consisting of the crown, lieutenant governor, House of Keys, and legislative council. Full name: the Tynwald Court
[C15: from Old Norse thingvollr, from thing assembly + vollr field]


(ˈtɪn wəld)

the legislature of the Isle of Man.
[< Old Norse thingvollr= thing thing2 + vollr field (see wold1)]
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The parliament Tynwald is the oldest in the world and can trace its history back to Viking times.
In March, the Isle of Man's chief minister, Donald Gelling, announced further funding for the salvage operation, in addition to the pounds 1million already pledged by the Tynwald parliament.
This was established as the first long- distance footpath on the Isle of Man in 1979, to coincide with the 1,000th anniversary of Tynwald, the island's parliament.
Elsewhere, the Peter Cronintrained English Derby runnerup Tynwald Bish resumed his winning ways in the second quarter-final of the Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup at Dundalk.
Other guests include the Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, High Sheriff of Merseyside, Mayor of Wigan, and President of Tynwald, representing the Isle of Man and the Archdiocese's regions.
It was not the first parliament in these islands, beginning the best part of three centuries later than the Manx Tynwald.
Tyne Bridge MP David Clelland will take a stone from Saltwell Park to lay on a commemorative cairn when he joins guests from around the world for the annual open-air sitting of the Manx parliament, the Tynwald.
The decision was agreed in the House of Keys, the main branch of the island's parliament, Tynwald.
The Manx government, the Tynwald, has spent pounds 980,000 of the pounds 1million budget set aside for the salvage bid.
William Hill Derby runnerup Tynwald Bish will be one of the main attractions when the remaining first round heats in the Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup are run at Dundalk.
Tynwald sanctioned a Au678,000 scheme to relay tracks at Laxey tram station after claims that without these vital engineering works the historic line could close for good.
The warnings came as the tax haven's government, the Tynwald, launched an appeal to businesses and passengers who think they may have information to help the Office of Fair Trading's investigation into the company.