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n.1.(Physiol. Chem.) A white crystalline nitrogenous substance<-amino acid-=""> present in small amount in the pancreas and spleen, and formed in large quantity from the decomposition of proteid matter by various means, - as by pancreatic digestion, by putrefaction as of cheese, by the action of boiling acids, etc. Chemically, it consists of oxyphenol and amidopropionic acid, and by decomposition yields oxybenzoic acid, or some other benzol derivative.
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an enzyme that catalyzes the oxidation of phenolic compounds, such as tyrosin, which originates a complex molecular cascade that culminates with the formation of a dark pigment (melanin).
Bahjat, Quantum Chemical QSAR Study of 1- phenyl- X-benzimidazoles as Inhibitors of PDGFRT Tyrosin Kinase, Int.
Unlike CD3zeta, Fc[epsilon]R[gamma] does not bind the protein kinase associated with the zeta chain (ZAP[zeta]), but conversely connects with spleen tyrosin kinase (Syk), which results in the increase of calcium level after binding with TCR [31].
Objective: The main scope of LEONID project is the development and validation of the clinical performance of a new diagnostic Nanostring-based device against existing standards (FISH and IHC) for the detection of in vitro biomarkers with predictive power of response to tyrosin kinase inhibitors used for lung cancer treatment.