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A city of west-central Russia east of Yekaterinburg. Founded around 1585, it is the oldest Russian settlement east of the Ural Mountains.


(Russian tjuˈmjenj)
(Placename) a port in S central Russia, on the Tura River: one of the oldest Russian towns in Siberia; industrial centre with nearby oil and natural gas reserves. Pop: 518 000 (2005 est)



a city in the SW Russian Federation in Asia. 456,000.
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Summary: Pay attention to the development of light and food industries, deputies told the regional government in Russia's Tyumen.
The ATR-72, a French-Italianmade twin-engine turboprop operated by UTair, was flying from Tyumen to the oil town of Surgut with 43 people on board - 39 passengers and four crew.
I was saddened to learn about the plane crash near Tyumen this morning, in which dozens people died.
According to a source familiar with the meeting, Cheney wanted to express concern over a State Department decision to block $500 million in federal loan guarantees to a Russian company called Tyumen Oil.
Sergei Sobyanin is elected as governor of Tyumen by 51.
In one, MITI has entered the local telephone market in Russia through a joint venture with Tyumen Telecom, the local telephone company in the Tyumen region, and Rustel, a private Russian long distance carrier.
What follows is an economic profile of one region in Siberia, the Tyumen.
Russia's Tyumen oblast prosecutor's office sent extradition check materials to the General Prosecutor's Office with regard to 27-year-old Kyrgyz citizen Khairullo Abdurasulov.